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‘Ashawo’ arrests male customer who refused to pay his bill after service



This is the craziest thing I’ve come across today. A friend actually sent me the video on Facebook.

A prostitute has arrested a customer after satisfying him and he refused to pay his bills.

In the video, one can see that the guy doesn’t know why he should pay since they both enjoyed the thing.

The guy said we’re in Democracy so he can never pay money for common romance.

The lady also said she’s not his girlfriend so he has to pay.

Then, the guy said he bought her Indomie and egg so why should he pay again.

“I can’t pay for f*ck, I no fit pay for romance”, the guy was heard saying.

Then he insisted that if indeed the lady wants to be paid, then she should come and f*ck him so that he raises the money for her.

He then advised the lady to work for money but not the kind of work by be sleeping with people:

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