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Another soldier who survived Boko Haram attack reacts,calls army chiefs liars(Photos)




A Nigerian soldier named Don Chuks who survived last week’s Boko Haram ambush has taken to Facebook to share experiences.He faulted COAS Buratai and asked him what he used the 1bn released for.Yesterday,army released a statement claiming that all dead bodies of soldiers have been evacuated and Sahara Reporters fake after the online portal broke a news that dead bodies have not been evacuated.Don Chuks however confirmed Sahara Reporters’ claim that corpses of soldiers have not been evacuated.Below is what he wrote… 

‘Am a Survival of Metele attack on 18th. we were attack by 5pm by boko haram. A soldier on the oberservation post alerted everybody in the camp were we all took cover and dash into our trenches we started exchange of bullet that lasted for about 15mins, they came with enough gun truck mounted with A.A  GUN, the gun truck I can count when the attack was going on was 13 gun trucks, 2 emerap, 3 Ammor personnel carrier (APC), when we noticed the type of weapon and the rate of volume of fire that was coming from their weapon we were demoralize by their fire power and heavy volume of fire. we were force to withdraw to avoid been killed by the insurgence we ran into the bushes to save our lifes from there we start to locate our colleague and move to 119  battalion camp where we were welcome and taking care of. The following morning the morning the 7 bridage Commander came brig. General Yahaya and ask us to go for evacuation of soldiers died body we were given air support so called survillance in which we are communicating together to go metele to recover bodies. So we ask the pilot to move ahead of us and tell us the suitation of the camp he went ahead and came back that everywhere is Charlie charlie means everywhere is okay from there we carried only 8 dead bodies on the road that lead to the camp from no where we started hearing firing from our camp Boko Haram are in our camp from they started firing at us with there AA gun so we turn back to 119 camp back up till now soldier dead bodies are still in that bush as am speaking to you the Nigerian Army have not recover any dead bodies only that 8 dead bodies we could recover don’t any General deceive you we lost more than150 soldier in the attack not 44 soldier I can testify this anywhere.

I have questions for the chief of army staff
Lt. General TY Buratal
1.What is the role of OPERATION LAST HOLD in North East ?
3.What is the Normal deployment of troops in war
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