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Akuapim Polo & Jessica Williams fighting over chicken meat at a party



A new video sighted by Celebrities Buzz, sees actressese Rosemond Brown aka Akuapim Polo and Jessica Williams battling at a party over a chicken meat.

Apparently, Rosemond Brown was served with a piece of meat but from what we saw in the video, she said she deserved more since she’s the guest at the party.

Jessica who was in charge of the meat also said what Akuapim Polo got was enough for her, so she should just to take her seat.

Because, it’s a party, there are more people to be served and she alone cannot have large portions of the meat available.

There and then, our very own Akuapim Polo also said she won’t agree. It was all back-and-forth exchange of words before some couple of men came to intervene.

But we didn’t really see if Polo received what she demanded.

It’s very funny how our so-called rich and well-doing celebrities hunger and thirst within, yet they keep flaunting their fake wealth for the world to see that they have which they do not even have in reality.

Watch video below:

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