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Again Mbaka reacts to outburst with Peter Obi,says he is scripturally right and can not be cowed(Video)




After Father Mbaka’s outburst with Peter Obi last week,people were expecting that he will be scared.However,Father Mbaka seems undisturbed.While speaking today at Wednesday’s ‘E No Dey Programme’,he said he is scripturally right and not cowed.According to him,Sunday’s programme was a bazaar programme where people are invited to support church project(done once a year).He said there is nothing to hide.He gave instances with biblical verses to back up his claim.He recalled how Ananias and his wife died in the bible while trying to be tricky with Peter after selling their land.He said Peter Obi is his son and he has every right to tell him if he is stingy or not.According to him,what he asked for in a bazaar was to support God’s project not Mbaka’s project.He said no project there belongs to him but Catholic church.Speaking further,he said when you are anointed, you can talk to both the poor/politicians without fear.He made it clear that anybody who is fighting him is fighting God.

Watch the video on the link above(he talked about the outburst from 59thminute or so of the video).I will share the 2nd part of the video tomorrow.



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