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8 Style Secrets Every Man Should Know

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Contrary to popular belief, looking good is not about how much you spend or how many trends you can follow at once.

True style is in the detail, from the quality of your buttons to the length of your jacket to the cut of your trouser leg – plus a hefty splash of confidence.

These are a few style secrets every guy should know;


Pick the collar that fits your face. If you have a wide face wear a narrow collar, which lengthens your face. If you have a medium face go with a semi-spread collar. It’s classic, and it will create the perfect cradle for a tie knot. If you have a thin face, a spread collar can strengthen your jawline.

  1. Dress for your height

If you’re short, pick a one-button suit. A single-button suit leaves more of your shirt exposed, so you look taller. The longer V in your chest will elongate your torso. If you’re average height, go with a two-button suit. If you’re medium height, or just content to look short or tall, make this your regular. If you’re tall, use three buttons. Big man in a small world? This is your cut. The longer front panel leaves a shorter vertical line coming from your collar, so you appear like less of a giant.

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  1. Pay attention to the details

Every little detail counts, whiten your teeth, groom your nails and apply moisturizer. Nobody likes a scruffy looking guy. Wear thicker, looser or textured T-shirts to minimize nipple show-through and “man boobs” that appear when you don’t do your daily push-ups.

  1. Mix Similar Shades
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The sharpest man in a room is always the one with the best attitude. The ultimate tip would be to mix shades of the same colour for that chic, effortless and sophisticated look.

  1. Untuck, half-tuck or layer

Wear casual tees, polos and chambray shirts out over your waistband. If you’re too old school for that, tuck in only the front; you’ll still get waist definition and feel neat, while concealing any love handles. Another way to hide side bulges is with a button-down shirt worn open over a tee.

  1. Wear a tailored sports jacket
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Forget formality just throw one of these on over jeans and a tee. To give yourself a little contemporary mix, choose an unconstructed style, or at least an updated trim fit with high armholes. The days of the boxy, bulky blazer are long gone.

  1. Check Your Hems

Correct length trousers can make the look They should be long enough to kiss the shoes yet short enough to show your socks when seated. Great socks are often the first thing you notice about a person. I suggest a pair that work well with the shoe as opposed to the trouser.

  1. Dress for the occasion

No matter how stylish you are if you’re not dressing for the occasion you will most likely end up looking ridiculous. You can’t wear a pair of jeans to the jeans and expect to be stylish.

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