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6 Little Known Bacteria-Laden Parts Of Your Home

We all know that germs can be harmful to our health, and a good personal and home hygiene is important for a healthy life.

These bacteria and viruses are responsible for many diseases like diarrhea, common cold, and even skin conditions. So, it is completely necessary to be conscious that they exist, know where they live and get rid of them as much as you can.

Now the problem many people face is that they prioritize the wrong places in their homes, many people focus on their toilets as the dirtiest place in their homes, but this is sometimes wrong.

In this article, we will be discussing 6 parts of your home that are very likely ignored but contain much more bacteria than your average toilet seat.

1. Kitchen Sponge

This is well known as the dirtiest part of a home. It is a bit ironical that a tool for cleaning dishes and pots would be implicated as being so contaminated. Well, studies have shown that these are very much loaded with germs several times more than your toilet seat. Ways to clean it include placing it in your dishwasher or microwave for two minutes daily and replacing it after every two weeks. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you should consider getting one, it is really convenient, you can check reviews here.

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2. Faucets

Faucets are used to control the flow of water in bathrooms, toilets, and the kitchen. They are also a very contaminated part of you home. Think about it, you touch them before washing your hands, so the dirt from your hands get on their surface, and you rarely clean them. This is how they get contaminated. You should remember to clean them from time to time with a piece of cloth, soap and water.

3. Toothbrush Holders

It is not the best practice to keep your toothbrush in holders near the toilet seat. The reason is simple. When you flush your toilet, the force and pressure releases fecal matter in tiny particles that stay suspended in the air for a few minutes. These eventually settle on surfaces nearby, including your toothbrush and its holder.

So, how do you handle this? Clean your brush holder intermittently, and keep it away from the toilet. Also, when you are doing using the toilet, remember to close the lid before flushing to keep the toilet room from being filled with fecal particles.

4. Light Switches

Be honest, when last did you clean the light switch in any of your rooms? You probably can’t remember, right? These are often loaded with bacteria because you touch them everyday without cleaning them. So, next time you are cleaning your kitchen, toilet or other rooms, remember to use a clean cloth to wipe the switch.

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5. Cutting Boards

These are very contaminated sometimes because of what they are used for- the chopping of vegetables, beef and chicken. Even tiny particles left on the surfaces of these boards can grow a host of bacteria. This is why you must make an extra effort to wash them with soap regularly before and after use. Also, it is advised that you keep separate boards for cutting meat and vegetables, don’t use the same one for both.

6. Gas Cooker Knobs

This is one place our hands must go to when we need to cook with the gas range. But do you remember to wipe it? Probably not. People often concentrate on the surface of the stove but forget the knobs. It is in your interest that you clean them intermittently using a cloth, soap, and water.



Guest article by Dr. Charles-Davies OA, a medical doctor based in Lagos.


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