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5 Instagram Trends We Are Totally Loving This Season



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Its summer season and a number of fashion trends are currently making waves on Instagram and we are totally loving it.

Check out 5 Instagram trends we are loving this season;

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  • Biker shorts- Kim Kardashian has shown us all that biker shorts shouldn’t only be worn by bikers and this has increasingly become an alternate to leggings.
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  • Beaded bags- This is just a basic upgrade from the basket bags which were trending last year. The beaded bag adds a sense of style and a pop of colour to every outfit.

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  • Prairie dresses- Prairie dresses are the new slip dresses as they are seen on basically everyone and this is quite a lovely trend as non-fashion girls can pull this off effortlessly.

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  • Enormous Sun hats- This style is taking a major upgrade from last summers’ moderately sized hats and the plus is you can never go wrong with them and could be easily be taken vintage.
  • Wedges- Now this particular trend tends to those of us who just can’t, for the love of us, walk in heels. They look a lot cooler than the block heels we’ve been wearing for the past few years and might even be more comfortable.

Written By Jumoke Oyedeji

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