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4 Types Of Earrings And How To Wear Them



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Earrings make you look good, they add an extra effect to one’s entire outfit.

Earrings come in different styles like dropping earrings, earring jackets, stud earrings, hoop earrings, solitaire earrings etc.

These earrings come in your favorite, precious metals such as diamond, gold, silver etc. When earrings are properly paired with the right outfit, hairstyle and other accessories it becomes really cute.

So, here is how to pair your earrings and look great.

  1. Stud Earrings
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Stud earrings are very casual and should be worn when you want to look very simple.

  1. Hoop Earrings
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Like stud hoop earrings are very casual earrings too.

  1. Dangling Earrings
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Dangling earrings adds drama to one’s look. The longer the earring, the longer the drama……

  1. Jacket Earrings
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Very adaptable to any style also very different and daring but girly.

Written By Gloria Afolayan

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