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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding



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Weddings are very important ceremonies and everybody knows that Nigerians do not joke when it comes to this. To have a top notch event, your venue is one of the factors that would determine the success of your ceremony.

What picture do you have for your wedding?  Do you want it free for all or do you want a small wedding in a place where not too many people can attend?

If you think of the stress of planning a Nigerian wedding,  you will swiftly think about a destination wedding as your best option.

The three main advantages of a destination wedding can basically be summarized with these words: easier to plan, relaxing and close knit.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Destination Wedding

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Intimate and Personal

If you want a wedding for just family and close-knit friends, then this is for you. Most destination weddings are small in size and the number of guests is usually around twenty to fifty people.

It is also a wonderful experience to have just all of the couple’s really close friends and family members gather together to celebrate the special event. Want to cut crowd at your wedding and have the funds for it? A wedding destination is definitely for you.

Easier to plan

Destination weddings are easier to plan and execute than other weddings. The most difficult task in planning a destination wedding is deciding exactly where the wedding would hold and who’d be invited.

The reason been that many destinations have pre-designed wedding packages that are created by professional wedding planners. The packages include all of the components a beautiful wedding requires, and the bride and groom need only make a few decisions and the rest is taken care of for them.

Crowd control is easier

You do not need to worry about crowd control when you have a destination wedding. This kind of wedding makes for a small select group of people to join in your joy. If you are an introvert, this would be more your style.

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