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3 Perfect Hairstyles For Rainy Season




The rainy season has begun in Nigeria and girls need to slay, even while preparing for some unexpected showers from above. Hair is a very important part of a lady’s overall look and outfit, and it needs as much care taken with as our clothes get. Here are 3 perfect hairstyles rainy season:

  1. Plaiting/Cornrows:
    3 Perfect Hairstyles For Rainy Season
    Braided Cornrows

This is by far the simplest thing to do with your hair. You can do it with your natural hair or add some extensions for a fuller look. If rain beats you, a blow dryer would fix the dampness in no time. It’s also easy to switch looks with this style and you don’t have to bother spending time in the morning to put it in order, as it is already in order. If you have cornrows because of your wigs, ensure it is well maintained.

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  1. Wigs

3 Perfect Hairstyles For Rainy SeasonThis is your best bet, for when you want to change your look without the commitment of fixing it to your scalp. Save time, money and effort. The best part? Once the rain starts, you can whip it off your head like no man’s business and dance in the rain.

  1. Braids:
3 Perfect Hairstyles For Rainy Season
This may be time consuming to install and even style in the morning, but they can last better than installed weaves and are also easy to dry if the rain beats you.

Which ever you decide on, remember to keep you own hair clean and well moisturized


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