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3 Fulani Herdsmen Burnt To Death In Benue State



According to what happened, a taxi driver was coming from one of the village in Benue 3 Fulani Herdsmen stopped him along the way to take them to the branch where they we enter motor and go to Taraba each of them carried guns along with them.
This driver faked them and told them he can’t drive that he’s weak that he will bring them to a place where he will put them into another car this driver drove them into Gboko town into the main garage.

Immediately he did as if he wanted to isse himself he went and told people that Fulani is inside his car before you know the whole place was surround and they brought them out and started beating them with rod, axes, firewood, sticks. As police were coming they saw a guy making phone call immediately they shot him on the stomach because the Tor tiv of Gboko warned them never to post it on net and Facebook so they taught the guy was calling more Fulani to come. When the Police tried to intervene Gboko boys beat them they ran away.

Within a twinkle of an eye they bought 20liters of fuel and tied them together and burnt them to death.The whole of Gboko market ran away the Igbos locked the shops and ran away. The Tor tiv of Gboko said they shouldn’t post this anywhere or else they will track the person and get the person.

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